I'm a native of Trinidad, an island of diverse ethnicity. I have a BA in Fashion Merchandising and Management, and have worked in the fashion industry as a designer and production manager for over 10 years. 

I founded Mii Sassy out of my pure love for art, history and fashion. I believe that we are art in motion and fashion is an expression ones self. We are all unique, and its our uniqueness that compliments each other and in extension our environment and the world that we live in. However our uniqueness is somehow being stifled by this said world, whether its pop culture, social media, celebrities etc. This is why I created Mii Sassy, Mii Sassy is geared to bring out or highlight the uniqueness that lies within us all. Being unique is beautiful. Mii Sassy creates fine hand- crafted jewelry that is catered to the individual. Whether your artsy, fashion forward, trendy or simple, you will find a piece that meets your needs. 


ECLECTIC & BOLD- Statement jewelry complimenting attire of all tastes, colors and styles 

INSPIRED BY NATURE AND THE BEAUTY OF OUR SURROUNDINGS-  Natural and man-made components including but not limited to semi-precious stones, beads, glass and fabric

HIGH CRAFTSMANSHIP-  Finely and masterfully hand-made
UNIQUE- No two pieces are identical in that there are nuances to each piece, making them individual just as no two persons are alike by accentuating the uniqueness and beauty that lies within us all. Each handmade piece is infused with my rich Indian and Trinidadian culture, love, and represents the uniqueness that lies within us all. Every handmade piece is unique in its own, just as each and every one of us have been made: beautifully, wonderfully, and distinct from each other, yet none upstaging the other, for they are all in possession of their own flavor and beauty.