Hailing from the picturesque twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, I, Cavesha Rampersad, embarked on a journey to New York City with a fervent aspiration of realizing my dreams within the fashion industry. A graduate of Berkeley College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, my tenure spans over a decade, during which I've held roles as both a designer and production manager.

My venture, Mii Sassy, was born from a profound love for art, history, and fashion. I firmly believe that we are all embodiments of art in motion, and fashion serves as a canvas for self-expression. Each of us possesses a unique essence that enriches not only ourselves but also our surroundings and the world at large. Yet, amidst the currents of pop culture, social media, and celebrity influence, our individuality often finds itself stifled. Mii Sassy stands as a testament to the celebration of uniqueness, recognizing that our differences are what render us truly beautiful.

Featured in esteemed publications such as Vanity Fair UK and Glamour UK, Mii Sassy has emerged as a burgeoning brand, carving a niche for itself both domestically and internationally. Our ethos revolves around the creation of finely handcrafted jewelry tailored to the individual. Whether one's style leans towards the artsy, fashion-forward, trendy, or simplistic, Mii Sassy offers a diverse array of pieces to cater to every unique personality.

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, Mii Sassy serves as a beacon of empowerment, encouraging individuals to embrace their distinctiveness unapologetically. As we continue to expand our footprint and influence, I remain steadfast in my commitment to championing authenticity and self-expression through the medium of fashion.



**ECLECTIC & BOLD:** Our statement jewelry complements attire of all tastes, colors, and styles, adding a touch of boldness to any ensemble.

**INSPIRED BY NATURE AND THE BEAUTY OF OUR SURROUNDINGS:** We incorporate natural and man-made components, including semi-precious stones, beads, glass, and fabric, reflecting the beauty of our environment in every piece.

**HIGH CRAFTSMANSHIP:** Each piece is finely and masterfully hand-made, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

**UNIQUE:** No two pieces are identical, as each bears its own nuances, accentuating the individuality and beauty that lies within us all. Infused with rich Indian and Trinidadian culture and love, our handmade pieces celebrate the uniqueness of every wearer. Just as each person is beautifully, wonderfully, and distinctively made, our jewelry embodies this diversity, with each piece possessing its own flavor and beauty without overshadowing others.